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Dr Sneh Bhardwaj has done more than 500 workshops in the last 7 years with clients such as Nestle, Unilever, Danone, Coke and scores of banks. A forceful, witty and connecting trainer, Dr. Bhardwaj meets the training needs of a wide spectrum of industry. Teaching & training is her forte. For her doctoral work, Dr Bhardwaj did an exploratory study of the relevance of ancient Management Wisdom that resides in Indian scriptures and delved on their relevance to present day management. For a while she was Manager of Operations with an FMCG company in India- PepsiCo Bottler.

Currently, she teaches International Business in an MBA Programme at the Federation University, Australia . Additionally,  she is investigating “Tokenism in the Boardrooms of Indian Companies”,  as part of second Doctoral research study, supported by Australian Government, RTP Award.  For this project she has  interviewed Indian Business Leaders such as Kiran Mazumdar Shaw (Biocon Industries Founder), Vinita Bali (Britannia MD, IIMB Chairperson), Suresh Talwar (Director at 60 Indian Companies), Revathy Ashok (IIMB Gold Medalist and Chairman IIM Udaipur), Pradip Shah, Chitra Talwar (Vice President Pepsico) amongst several others. her second doctorate  through an award of RTP scholarship by the Australian Government  in HRM and Corporate Governance. She is

Yajnaa and Impetus Global have a tieup for HRD training in the Asia Pacific region.

Richard Hill has emerged from a diverse and fascinating journey to become an innovative speaker on the mind, brain and the human condition. From a satisfying, if not quite famous, early career in the creative arts, Richard returned to intellectual studies at 42 (1996) beginning with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in linguistics. This triggered a curiosity that led to a diploma in counselling and a new career in psychotherapy. Studying continued and he has added three Masters degrees – an MA in Social Ecology; an MEd in Social Ecology; and a Masters in Brain and Mind Sciences (MBMSc) from Sydney University. Richard is also fortunate to be mentored by the esteemed Ernest Rossi PhD who has invited Richard into the International Psychosocial Genomics Research Team to study the impact of therapeutic practice on the genetic level.

His fascination with the disturbing problem of stress and anxiety has resulted in his unique theory – The Winner-Loser World Theory – and the positive positive counterpoint – The Curiosity Approach: which highlights our Curiosity for Possibility. These theories revolutionize the way we deal with stress and anxiety and how we approach standard therapeutic practices.

Richard’s books include a collection of inspirational short stories in Choose Hope and his explication of his Winner/Loser World Theory in How the ‘real world’ Is Driving Us Crazy! In addition, he is published in various journals and magazines around the world and in book chapters, including Perspectives on Coping and Resilience and Strengths Based Social Work Practice in Mental Health, published worldwide. His latest book is co-authored with his mentor, Ernest Rossi, The Practitioner’s Guide to Mirroring Hands.