Who We Are

We are Impetus Global

  1. What is Impetus Global?
  2. What kind of hope does it offer?
  3. Who believes in Impetus Global and therefore behind it?

Just plain and simple. We will answer these questions here.
Impetus  pronounced  ( im·pe·tus·es) means  an impelling force; an impulse. yet another meaning is that force or energy associated with a moving body. Seen in another way it is something that incites; a stimulus. It could even be an increased activity in response to a stimulus.

If we were to look it from a perspective of a noun, impetus  can be explained as an incentive. May be a push? A spur? motivation to live, survive and move ahead? ,  An intensive impulse?  Like the catalyst or some one that goads  and implores that you move on.  fascinating- with myriads of meanings an impetus that is global is just the fillip we need to go with our beliefs.

Not happy yet? consider other definitions and meanings.  That which  forces you to do things and underline the word ‘psotively’. The  ’power’ that  drives you and the ‘energy’ that sustains your ’momentum’. Impetus assist you to me decisions.

Look for some good thoughts, come and meet some insightful men and women. Reach your goals as individuals, groups, communities and as organisations.