Impetus Global Trainers for the world have always endeavored to update their thinking to offer the best solution focused training in the broad realm of strengths based strategies for the world- both for human service and   for the corporate sector.

Current training programmes will be featured here.

Change Your Mind and Keep it

‘Change your mind and keep it’ One day training focuses on development of inner wisdom and clarity of consciousness. These conversations assist individuals to come out of their immediate niggles, more immediate shackles and day to day issues. From a shop floor person to a team leaders; a sales representative to a pharmacist in a lab or even the HR leader himself; a clerical junior in the government agency to its Deputy Director General.

If you are a senior manager, look at this at a philosophical level. I ask you to travel with me through a structured path Strange as it may sound: My participants stumble on this path, across as they stumble; they pick up their energies and walk again. The process is far from mystery but surely a veil is suddenly lifted from their immediate mind and answers become clearly visible. In my training a real awakening takes place; people tend to reveal themselves and they grow in their abilities to recognise their strengths and perhaps recognise some fundamental core human values. Some call this spiritual transformation. I would say ‘yearning towards quality living’ and add ‘being human’. We will work together to live in this world with an attitude and concern to live well.


I use experiential conversations, theoretical understanding where needed and participant interactions. Participants come fresh to my workshops. There are no expectations except willingness to be open to new ideas, reflection and fun.

For Whom

HR and OD professionals , CEOs, Heads and Team Leaders

List of other Training Concepts:

I offer the following programs in Australian and Asian venues.I also involve trainers from the organization that consults me. Organizational collaboration encourages leaving with the organizations an opportunity to experiment, grow and develop a strengths based practice suitable to its needs.

Organizational Change

1. Transformational Imaginations to Build Strengths – prelude talk to launch half a day to two day training programmes

Strengths based strategic Practice SbsP addresses primordial concerns and builds somatic connections with a human face.  It compels managers to listen to their cultures within and is designed as a participative facilitated venture that lets an organization explore cultural interconnectedness to employee development. It is qualitative and vital to develop work autonomy and upgrade core business.

2. Strengths based practice for our own health: a common sense approach – A practice centering exercise with human services and social work professionals ability to increase their coping and resilience

3. Creative solutions form within: listening to your inner selves- two day workshop for organizational  founders, committee members and individuals with high achievement orientation. Originally launched in a mental health NGO.

4. Intentional conversations: what are they about?- A deliberate planned technique that allows accomplished

5. ‘Intentional perspectives approach’ (IPA) what is it all about? Public sector management

6. ‘Intentional perspectives approach’ (IPA) what is it all about? Contexting with in Organizational development –

7. ‘Intentional perspectives approach’ (IPA) what is it all about? Relevance to Team building –

Child Protection

8. Child Centered Strengths based practice- ridiculous without the family? Challenging the fundamentals of Child protection and making us think.

9. Strengths based practice with families –

10. Coping and resilience – in children

Coping  Resilience and Hope Building

11. Building Community resilience for children and families –

12. Putting human values in work pace –

13. Gandhi today. Non violent Community actions- spreading to individual lifestyles –

14. Coping and resilience in turbulent times

15. Change your mind and keep it series- individual and organizational contexts

Meetings and Conference Planners

16. The meeting industry –maximizing participation-

17. Listening to your cultures within:  To form the capitol of capital.


1. Motivational Talk – One hour at business luncheon, Business breakfast, team meetings etc are also undertaken