Meaningful Conference Management


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  • Sarajevo Conversations 2011 About Social Change

    This conference for the first time pilots and urges the use of the metaphor of ‘ the solution societies ’ rather than ‘problem societies ’ and offers a rather modest but robust agenda around which a number of papers, ideas and narratives from across the world are invited.  

  • Coping and Resilience 2009

    Conceived and directed by Dr. Venkat Pulla, in his capacity as the President of the Conference, The Coping & Resilience International Conference Dubrovnik brought together practitioners, researchers, community activists and academics working in the trans-disciplinary area of human coping with diverse challenging life circumstances and interested in the fascinating capacity of human resilience to most adverse life events. The conference aimed to advance evidence-based practices in resilience promotion and hope building. It looked at interplay of individual, family, community and

  • Hope Building 2010

    There are a variety of approaches to study coping and resilience and hope building. Viewed from Strengths perspective this conference held in the Griffith University in July 2010 received papers that addressed inherent strengths of individuals, families groups and organizations. Deploying peoples' personal strengths to aid their recovery and empowerment- were received at this conference.