Is Resilience a Renewable Source?

Making Resilience Possible From Theory to Practice

Is Resilience a Renewable Resource?
Is resilience an expression of mutual generosity, remarkable heroism in adversity and crisis? Is resilience historically a public resource of solace? Resilience is a public resource. But, unlike terror, it may not be indefinitely renewable.
A 30 minute International Conference Conversation with collaborator Dr Sneh Bharadwaj..

Everything Happens for a Reason

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You need to clarify your goals. Put them first on paper. Talk about them. to those around you. “The potter must know her/his clay.” Your clay is now your group. You want to mould it, develop it into something strong and be part of it.
Journaling Your Goals is a training video talk to assist young people in social change professions. has useful suggestions for setting goals. Starts with a beautiful story of the butterfly narrated and used in many contexts