Seminar on Coping and Resilience Sydney Feb, 2013

Given the variety of approaches to human coping and resilience issues, the one day seminar will provide a forum to review these approaches and gain a better understanding of the dynamics of enhancing coping and building resilience. Some of the topics that this one day seminar will deal with are:
Contours of Coping and Resilience:
Dr Venkat Pulla, Charles Sturt University
Relating to Children
Revisiting Emotional Regulation:
Evidence from Practice
Shane Warren, IRIS, Sydney
Strengthening the Capacity for Resilience in Children
Alyce White, Barnardos , Sydney, Australia
Young people
Building Resilience in the next generation and the power of higher self efficacy
Anndrea Wheatley, Director, Resilience Training.
Resilient Reintegration during Adversities:
Case of Young People with Disabilities
Nur Aishah Hanun, Griffith University
Relating to adults
Resistance to Resilience: Addiction, Co-dependency
and Doing Life Differently
Sharalyn Drayton, ARISE Counselling Solutions, NSW
Trauma–Creating Beneficial Change
Richard Hill, Mindscience Institute, Sydney
Indigenous Populations
John Dommett, CEO, Connecting Home, Victoria
Art and Language
Resilience and Coping Skills through Arts Practice
Dr Anne Riggs, Artist,
The Role of Language in Promoting
Trauma Recovery and Resilience
Pamela Trotman and Leisha Townson, Social Work, Northern Territory

Seminar on Coping and Resilience  Sydney

Seminar on Coping and Resilience Sydney

After lunch conversations may interest you. A range of topics of interest to cross-cultural patterns of coping with hardships. Personal and developmental factors in coping and resilience. Interventions for youth to enhance resilience in adverse circumstances. Resilience after loss and grief. Challenges of coping with disability, and trauma. Gender issues in coping and resilience. Posttraumatic growth after extreme suffering. Challenges of reconciliation in multi-ethnic and post-conflict societies. Best practices in helping individuals in crisis, empowering communities facing crisis and disasters. Spirituality as a coping resource Remote rural communities, indigenous people and coping with life challenges.

About Dr. Venkat Pulla
Dr Venkat Pulla is an Indian born Australian Human Services Mgt Consultant and motivational speaker. He is the Principal of Impetus Global Consulting and founder of Brisbane Institute of Strengths-based practice that offers – training in Strengths approach in human services. and offers grounded theory Master Classes globally. Impetus Global is currently addressing two service programmes for International Students coming into Australian Universities. Venkat has been utilising Appreciative Inquiry in Middle and Senior Management Training in Strategic Leadership, and has undertaken a six-week OvationNet AI Workshop under the workshop leadership with David Cooperrider, in the Spring of 2011. Venkat was Head of the School of Social Work, Northern Territory University, and taught At Australian Catholic University, Charles Sturt & at Sunshine Coast and tutored at Griffith. He is a Tata Dorabji Merit scholar from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (India). Research interests: Human coping & resilience, green social work. He has co-edited volumes on Strengths-based practice, 2012; Perspectives on coping and resilience , 2013; Theories, experiences, and challenges in community work , 2014; Advancing social work in mental health through strengths-based practice, 2014; Some aspects of community empowerment and resilience, 2015; and the Lhotsampa People of Bhutan-Resilience and Survival, 2016 and is editing 'Discrimination, Challenge and Response', 2019, (Palgrave- Macmillan.) As an academic, he makes significant contributions to Social Work education to SAARC countries. He has published with Sage, Routledge, Macmillan, Palgrave, and Wilfred Laurier Press- Canada; Primrose Hall- UK and Australia; Fernwood, California and others in Asia. He is a recipient of NAPSWI – India Lifetime achievement award 2015, and Karma veer Puraskar,-Global Indian Social Worker Award-2008. Scopus Author ID: 56007950700

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