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Appreciative Inquiry helps explore new possibilities and shared vision into reality Nov 25, 2010

Appreciative Inquiry helps explore new possibilities and shared vision into reality “Organizations change in the way they inquire, an organisation which inquires into problems or difficult situations will keep finding more of the same but an organization which tries to appreciate what is best in itself will find/discover more and more of what is good is Appreciative Inquiry stated Dr Venkat Pulla, International consultant & trainer, in a workshop on ‘Appreciative Inquiry’ organised by CII Chandigarh in association with Yajnaa, at CII Northern Region Headquarters, today Giving the overview Dr Sneh Bhardwaj, Principal Consultant, Yajnaa & the co-facilitator explained to the participants that Appreciative Inquiry Invites people to engage in building the kinds of organizations and communities that they want to live in. It is a way of thinking, seeing things every day with different perspective. “It’s about becoming more purposeful”, she added The principal trainer Dr Venkat Pulla shared “Appreciative Inquiry is an art and the science of communication, helping everyone see the need for change, explore new possibilities, and contribute to solutions through alignment of formal and informal structures with purpose and principles and translating shared vision into reality and belief into practice”, The basic philosophy of Appreciative Inquiry(A) is also to found in other positively oriented approaches to individual change as well as organizational change. As noted above, “Appreciative Inquiry fosters positive relationships and builds on the basic goodness in a person, or a situation ….” The principles behind Appreciative Inquiry are based in the rapidly developing science of Positive Psychology. The idea of building on strength, rather than just focusing on faults and weakness is a powerful idea in use in mentoring programs, and in coaching dynamics stated Dr Venkat Pulla. Earlier, Mr Nitin K Peshawaria, Chairman, CII Chandigarh Council welcomed the participants and introduced the faculty at the workshop Dr Venkat Pulla, who is an Indian born Australian Human Services Management Consultant and motivational speaker. He is the Principal of Impetus Global Consulting that offers – Strengths Based Strategies for the World and founder of the Brisbane Institute of Strengths Based Practice. A confluence of the Schools of Positive Psychology, Appreciative Inquiry, solution focused therapies, mindfulness practice describe the evocative approach of Dr Venkat Pulla. Mr Peshawaria, stated that the topic of workshop “Appreciative Inquiry has never been more relevant than it is today. He shared that this powerful methodology of HR would ignite participant’s minds and enable them explore comparatively lesser explored area and gradually honing leadership skills.” The workshop flowed on in experiential mode for the participants who were kept thoroughly hooked onto the learning. Appreciative Inquiry has been used extensively to foster change in businesses (a variety of sectors), health care systems, social profit organizations, educational institutions, communities, local governments, and religious institutions. Amidst the participants who were held in rapt attention by the trainers were Mr Rajesh Kothari Plant Head, HR Head, Technical Head, DGM Commercial, Finance Head, Plant Head & Production Head of Ambuja Cement, Ropar, , HR Head of Faiveley Transport, participants Wockhardt Baddi, , Training Head of Shree Cement Rajasthan, Vice President IR, Vardhman amongst many 20 other companies, Chandigarh; 25 November 2010

About Dr. Venkat Pulla
Dr Venkat Pulla is an Indian born Australian Human Services Mgt Consultant and motivational speaker. He is the Principal of Impetus Global Consulting and founder of Brisbane Institute of Strengths-based practice that offers – training in Strengths approach in human services. and offers grounded theory Master Classes globally. Impetus Global is currently addressing two service programmes for International Students coming into Australian Universities. Venkat has been utilising Appreciative Inquiry in Middle and Senior Management Training in Strategic Leadership, and has undertaken a six-week OvationNet AI Workshop under the workshop leadership with David Cooperrider, in the Spring of 2011. Venkat was Head of the School of Social Work, Northern Territory University, and taught At Australian Catholic University, Charles Sturt & at Sunshine Coast and tutored at Griffith. He is a Tata Dorabji Merit scholar from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (India). Research interests: Human coping & resilience, green social work. He has co-edited volumes on Strengths-based practice, 2012; Perspectives on coping and resilience , 2013; Theories, experiences, and challenges in community work , 2014; Advancing social work in mental health through strengths-based practice, 2014; Some aspects of community empowerment and resilience, 2015; and the Lhotsampa People of Bhutan-Resilience and Survival, 2016 and is editing 'Discrimination, Challenge and Response', 2019, (Palgrave- Macmillan.) As an academic, he makes significant contributions to Social Work education to SAARC countries. He has published with Sage, Routledge, Macmillan, Palgrave, and Wilfred Laurier Press- Canada; Primrose Hall- UK and Australia; Fernwood, California and others in Asia. He is a recipient of NAPSWI – India Lifetime achievement award 2015, and Karma veer Puraskar,-Global Indian Social Worker Award-2008. Scopus Author ID: 56007950700

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