A Message from Dr. Pulla

My Journey: Three Decades in Human Services Management.

Participants at Tata Chemicals India

Impetus Global is a training consulting fit out.

This is my journey of four decades that began at grassroots- working in human services management.

A well lived and accomplished life that has many narratives- drawn from personal and professional experience. The exposure to variety of situations and diverse work settings that has made me reflect over the years on work, work ethics, human values, and human behaviours particularly how quick we are to expose our meekness and our vulnerability?

From relating to pastoral workers to Presidents of different nations;  senior bureaucrats to Ministers; political party workers to Union workers- it has all been many journeys, perhaps one theme- of reaching out to them and the world- through a solution focused approach  A confluence of the Schools of Positive Psychology, Appreciative Inquiry, solution focused therapies, mindfulness practice describe my evocative approach.

How would I describe my talents? I would call them unusual talents extraordinary wit, humility and willingness to learn from every page in the book of life.  For some that would suffice for others they may need more pages of my life. Where did I work for instance the last 30 years? What are my favourite training agendas?  Am I easy to follow and understand? In a round about way here is the answer.

A bunch of enthusiastic adorable kids ( the teachers find them difficult to teach)  learn to talk , become more competent to engage in some serious conversation, have a laugh and learn to have fun- when I am with them and train them. Would you call that resilience building or building their hopes?
Many Psychiatrists in urban practice find me challenging as I suggest better motivations, new agenda and sift and give them new frontiers that they can decidedly dabble in future. Managers from Companies such as Tata Chemicals,  Mumbai found  it interesting to look at my Strengths based HRD. Communities and Community Associations such as Mooloolah Community Association, in the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, or a professionals gathering of over 600 Human services teaching and practicing colleagues from East Africa and the rest of the world that met in Rwanda, find it useful to try some of the communication strategies, my strengths based approaches that I spoke about recently at their request.

I am happy to provide you my full length resume of my work and consulting. The world is a big place and it offers and creates a great space for dreaming a better world and re-constructing better leaders and better human beings from within: All of us can assist in this process.

Love you all