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Dr Sneh Bhardwaj   has done more than 700 workshops in the last 7 years of her company. A forceful, witty and connecting trainer Dr. Bhardwaj meets the training needs of a wide spectrum of industry. Teaching & training is her forte. For her doctoral work completed Dr Bhardwaj did an exploratory study of the relevance of ancient Management Wisdom that resides in Indian scriptures and delved on their relevance to present day management. For a while she was Manager of Operations with FMCG company Pepsico Franchisee Biggest Bottler of Asia Dhillon Kool Drinks & Beverages Ltd. Chandigarh.


Yajnaa Vision is fervently ushered and shared by a dedicated team of Training and Recruitment Specialists nationally and internationally. Yajnaa is a comparatively new entrant (year 2007) in the arena of Human Resource Development but it has successfully garnered for itself a niche amongst the “who s who” of the corporate world as its clients.

Yajnaa and Impetus Global have a tieup for HRD training in Asia Pacific region.