Thoughts, Processes and Responses for a Demanding Society

Thoughts, Processes and Responses
for a demanding Society
of Business Management, Commerce, Sciences, Public Health, Technology and Social Sciences Academics & Practitioners
12-14 December 2018 Kathmandu City, Nepal
Many questions can be asked:

Creative disruption and Innovation
Do you know of companies that are changing the world around you? Good case studies. Including narratives of young minds and startups make great papers to share. Write about the accelerators of change. ‘Disruption Is not about slaying giants but about serving new customers’ in a demanding society. Why great companies and technologies fail? How do you value innovation or even jugaads?

About Dr. Venkat Pulla
Dr.Venkat Pulla is an Indian born Australian Human Services Management Consultant and motivational speaker. He is the Principal of Impetus Global Consulting that offers – Strengths Based Strategies for the World. Formerly Head of the School of Social Work, Northern Territory University, Australia, he is founder of the Brisbane Institute of Strengths Based Practice. A confluence of the Schools of Positive Psychology, Appreciative Inquiry, solution focused therapies, mindfulness practice describe the evocative approach of Dr Venkat Pulla

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