Coping and Resilience 2009

Conceived and directed by Dr. Venkat Pulla, in his capacity as the President of the Conference, The Coping & Resilience International Conference Dubrovnik brought together practitioners, researchers, community activists and academics working in the trans-disciplinary area of human coping with diverse challenging life circumstances and interested in the fascinating capacity of human resilience to most adverse life events. The conference aimed to advance evidence-based practices in resilience promotion and hope building. It looked at interplay of individual, family, community and social responsibility factors in resilience and provided directions for future practice and research. It has created the most stimulating forum for people interested in the central themes of coping and resilience The C&R Conference Dubrovnik 2009 attracted participants from all continents keen to advance collaboration and networking among different regions and professional fields. The conference was held from 3rd to 6th October, 2009, in the world famous area of Dubrovnik, at the location in Cavtat which is the pearl of the south Adriatic Sea.

About Dr. Venkat Pulla
Dr.Venkat Pulla is an Indian born Australian Human Services Management Consultant and motivational speaker. He is the Principal of Impetus Global Consulting that offers – Strengths Based Strategies for the World. Formerly Head of the School of Social Work, Northern Territory University, Australia, he is founder of the Brisbane Institute of Strengths Based Practice. A confluence of the Schools of Positive Psychology, Appreciative Inquiry, solution focused therapies, mindfulness practice describe the evocative approach of Dr Venkat Pulla

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