Master Class in Grounded Theory: Nagpur, India

5-6 June 2017, Nagpur, India MSS Institute of Social Work

Master Class in Grounded Theory

How would you describe yourself?

A post-modernist in social sciences, arts and humanities
Creativity and innovation appeals to you
You want to portrait reflective research, depth in analysis
You will consider tuning into Metaphoric generalizability and have some serious doubts over statistical generalizability
You want to take research beyond a fact finding task and to visualise it as a sumptuous meal that creates knowledge and affects your audiences intellectually and emotionally. Then this Master Class in Grounded Theory Research is for you
Contact; Dr Keshav Walke
+91 9112755849

Grounded_Theory _Master_Class_India_Slovenia2017

About Dr. Venkat Pulla
Dr.Venkat Pulla is an Indian born Australian Human Services Management Consultant and motivational speaker. He is the Principal of Impetus Global Consulting that offers – Strengths Based Strategies for the World. Formerly Head of the School of Social Work, Northern Territory University, Australia, he is founder of the Brisbane Institute of Strengths Based Practice. A confluence of the Schools of Positive Psychology, Appreciative Inquiry, solution focused therapies, mindfulness practice describe the evocative approach of Dr Venkat Pulla

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